The Dead of Winter (5/13/16)


New Lerin Herzer and Andrew Joslyn Album Release!

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.11.34 AMIt’s finally here! My new collaborative record with Seattle musician Lerin Herzer is being released worldwide! You can get the album NOW at the following links:


Andrew Joslyn Interviewed by ‘The Future of What’ for their MusicCares Show

New Video – Passenger String Quartet does Nirvana/Mozart mash-up

Seattle’s Classical Radio station, King FM (Second Inversion), just posted a video that they did of the Passenger String Quartet performing our arrangement of a Mozart Symphony/Nirvana mashup. Check it out!

Passenger String Quartet to Perform at The Bushwick Book Club (January 15)

hitchhikers-guid-to-the-galaxy-bushwick-frontpageThe Passenger String Quartet will be performing a collection of new musical works inspired by the classic Sci-Fi book, “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” by renowned author, Douglas Adams.

The show is this friday, January 15, 2016 at the Hugo House in Seattle.  7PM Doors, and 7:30 PM Show.

We will be backing a variety of artists from the Seattle music scene, and it’s sure to be a really fun, silly, and enlightening evening of entertainment.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Performing on the AMAs 2015 Tonight at 8:00 EST on ABC

ama-logoThis has been an incredibly trying year.  It started off with a fire which took most of my possessions, and the life of my wonderful kitten Mendelssohn.  I’ve dealt with heavy bouts of sadness and negativity with the music industry, relationships, my own life, and more.  One of the first truths of Buddhist thought is that life is suffering – or more that impermanance leads to suffering.  Essentially life is always in flux – for better or worse, but always changing, always evolving.   The suffering comes when you try and hold on to everything, and not want it to change – and remain perfect forever.  Well that is just not realistic at all to expect.

Things may have been very hard for me, but I also appreciate the fact that I get to live a life where I make music for a living, and bring enjoyment to others in the art that I do.  Music is impermanence essentially, when you really think about it. The immediate act of creating sound and capturing that exact moment – that exact emotion – that exact color – it lives in dies right then and there. It is surrounded by silence. You just learn to appreciate the music you are hearing right then and there – because it is always changing.

This evening – I am leading a small string orchestra on national television with the American Music Awards, and performing with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and debuting a brand new song from their upcoming record.  I provided orchestral arrangements for the song with M&RL, and am proud that I get to perform it live tonight.  It doesn’t escape me how extreme this change in circumstances is for me…. from depression to performing on a highly televised event in front of millions…. it all seems rather weird and funny at the same time.  All one can do is appreciate and enjoy the  successes, but remember not to get caught up with them, or the lows either.  I’m still working on it all… this sense of balance and peace… but at least these are great first steps to a better year to come.  Here’s coming for you 2016.

V. Contreras at Triple Door

vco_poster_151010_v150921b_950px_square1Excited to be able to collaborate with Seattle Songstress/Singer V. Contreras again for her upcoming performance at the Triple Door venue in Seattle, WA.  Scott Teske’s Seattle Rock Orchestra will be performing my full orchestral arrangements for the show on October 10, and I couldn’t be more elated! Always great working/collaborating with this stellar crew.  I went through old material from Contreras’ debut album, and made it grander and more lush, and also wrote new arrangements for some new songs that she will be debuting at this performance.  Special guest Fly Moon Royalty will be opening the evening!

Tickets can be purchased here.

The Gershwin Sessions – Volume 1

orlowskiwebI’m really excited about the release of this album. Producer Nate Yaccino, Kris Orlowski and myself put together this album, and did a massive overhaul on old George & Ira Gershwin tunes.  When Nate and Kris first approached me about this project, it was with the focus on primarily using the music for licensing, but after starting to write arrangements for them, and record strings, and really delve into these old classic tunes… did the whole project seem to evolve and transform.  These tunes, at their core, are timeless, and even when given a more rocking/alternative feel, they shine.  I’m glad that we decided to release these tunes to the public, so everyone can hear them in this light. Just overall a project that I’m really proud, and excited to be a part of.

You can stream the entire album (short EP) below.

Kris Orlowski – Gershwin Sessions Volume 1

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.27.03 PMHey Everyone,

I have been hard at work with a bunch of new music, but a nice little side project that I’ve working on for the past month with Seattle singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski, and producer Nate Yaccino is coming out shortly!  We took on a bunch of classic George Gershwin tunes, and changed them up! We are releasing a teaser track from the EP, “Things Are Looking Up”, and you can check it out below!



Roger Lion Premiere

RogerLionCOVER-560x560 A new project that I contributed a ton of stringed arrangements and performances to, is the brand new band “Roger Lion,”  which is a cool combination of my friend and touring colleague Josh Karp (aka Budo), and Joe Pernice (of the Massachusetts alt-country combo Scud Mountain Boys and Pernice Brothers).  The leading single from the album  is the song “Dead Man’s Song,” which you can hear exclusively at Stereogum, or check out the Soundcloud link below.   The album will be coming out on Team Love Records later this year.  Enjoy!